That someone

Hii *waves both hands*

It's been a years i havent updated my blog. Well i was kinda lazy since i dont have laptop with me so yea. 

That someone. Who's 'that someone'? Do i really miss that someone? I thought ive moved on from him but idk lol (im just gonna write informal here) 

That someone is a friend of mine. I do miss him but its not like i like him its just i miss him as a friend??? eventhough i used to had a crush on him and I guess he felt the same too. I stopped liking him since my friends told me he's a fuckboy. Yes, ive fell for a fuckboy and i regret it. If only he's not a fuckboy.. 😑

Hey you, 

Remember when u told me u moved out and i was so sad until i cried but u never knew. Later then u said that was all just a prank. I feel so stupid now :--))) thanks to u! And remember we shared glances? I mean i looked at u and u looked at me ((ew so cheesy but wtv) its not like i want to look at u its bec my friend told me so. But why'd u winked at me when i looked at u???? Do u know that i have a feelings for u that time? lol whatever 

And yes, i guess i dont like u anymore. I guess its just a puppy love eventho we're kinda old for puppy love lmao. Im so grateful that u didnt even text me after school ended bec if u do i might be falling for u again. So, thank u.